About Us
Paris/Lamar County 2019 Board of Directors
Cindy Ringwald - President
Donna Burnett- Vice President
Stephanie Lee - Secretary
David Thrasher - Treasurer
Eddie Jean Adams                     Advisory Board
Phyllis Bryan                             Nadine Ausbie
Thomas Callaway                      Jeanette Bender
Shelly Deupree                            Rachel Braswell
Brady Fisher                               Carl Cecil
Pat Hundley                                A. W. "Plug" Clem
Rick Hundley                               Linda Reynolds
Joan Mathis                                 Don Wall
Joanie Moore                              Paul Wells, CPA
Jerry Patton
Tim Shelton                                 Judy Martin
Rona Vickers                               Executive Director
Christina Watson
Kenneth Webb
Marc Whitney

Events & Happenings

Board of Directors Monthly Meeting
     3rd Thursday of the month - 5:30 p.m.
  Calvary United Methodist Church
3105 Lamar Avenue
Homeowner College
Requirement for all partner families -
Anyone welcome.
3rd Thursday of the month - 6:30 p.m.
Calvary United Methodist Church
3105 Lamar Avenue
Construction Work Days (when building)
Mondays and Saturdays
8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
"A Brush With Kindness" paint projects
painting season, March through October
Friday morning, 8 a.m. - scrape & prime
Saturday morning, 8 a.m. - paint 
Annual Fundraiser
Annual Redneck Golf Open
3rd Saturday of September
Pine Ridge Golf Course

Happy Birthday March Friends

Happy Birthday April Friends
3 - Cynthia Davis
3 - Thurman Wood
8 - Vianna Ross
10 - Susan Sanchez
12 - Mike Viehe
13 - Jeanette BEnder
13 - Wanda Ellis
15 - Jennifer McEwin
29 - Vanessa Cooley
2 - Phyllis Bryan
2 - Wesley Wright
3 - Bob Phillips
12 - LeQuita Hicks
21 - Tim Shelton
21 - Rachel Freeman
22 - Judy Morton
25 - Tabatha Hearn
26 - Travis Dodd
30 - Leslie Stidham

We are sorry if we missed your name here, but these are the ones we have in our data banks.  If we missed you, HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY!